Friday, 7 October 2011

Candyflip's first 598

It’s entry deadline day for the International Festival of Authors (IFOA)/Humber School for Writers, Author for a Day Contest. After a week long internal debate on whether to enter or not, I hit send and my 598 words traveled on a wave of panic to their judgment.

There’s no turning back. The first pages from Candyflip are waiting on some gmail account, filling the inbox with an opening to a novel that has been re-written too many times to count. My fate rests in the Humber School for Writers faculty now. Those are some gifted and experienced hands (mind out of the gutter people). The faculty’s literary experience is impressive. One day when I’m all grown up and can save enough cash, I would love to take the correspondence course… if miraculously accepted.

The winner of the contest has the opportunity to read their entry at the IFOA and attend a literary lunch with the event speakers. Reading your work in front of that many people is beyond terrifying. Getting to dine and talk shop with them is a monumental opportunity. If the writing gods bless me with this win, it’s doubtful there will be any food chewing on my part. I’ll be too busy digesting literati advice and pinching myself, hard.

Guess, now you’re wondering what those 598 words are? Or not. Either way, I’m posting them and would love your feedback. 

Candyflip content is copyrighted so don’t even think of plagiarizing- it would be flattering, but I will find you! You may not want some angry wannabe author chasing you down- just saying.

Candyflip’s first 598 words:

January 20, 2012: Deleted the sample text because it sucked! I've edited like crazy and you'll all have to wait until Candyflip is published to read the revisions. Yes, I'm on the long road to getting my first manuscript published and will keep you posted with developments. Sorry if I pissed any of you off by deleting the first 598. 

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