Friday, 20 January 2012

Not to busy for tip creeping

Please don't hate me for my lack of blog posts. I've been working on my manuscript and every ounce of creativity in this crazy brain is focused on Candyflip. Still, that's no excuse for ignoring this wonderful platform-building tool. 

Sure, I still have time to creep Twitter and that is why I'm posting today. It's remarkable how other writers manage to tweet helpful daily tips and post on blogs weekly. That's why I make time to click on that little birdie icon. Writing in a bubble is counterproductive. Meeting other writers and swapping stories for critique is a great way to strengthen your own editing skills. I've been lucky enough to meet some aspiring authors who are willing to share because of Twitter. 

Writing tips are plentiful on Twitter and I have to shout out some of my faves. Check out for the awesome post, Tension on Every Page, pt. I. Thanks to @StartYourNovel for dishing up some of the best tips on Twitter. @WritersRelief tweets links to their blog that offers phenomenal advice. The post Cover And Query Letters: Striking The Right Tone in Your Writing, makes me less apprehensive about working on my proposal. I could go on and on with the mentions, but I need to get back to finishing my manuscript and maybe a little Twitter creeping too.