Thursday, 27 October 2011

Goal driven loser

It’s been about a month since starting my wannabe author platform. I’m still no better at tweeting or twittering or whatever the hell it’s called. There’s a certain art in trying to express something in less than 140 characters, without looking like a complete dumbass. Then there’s the whole hash tag thing. I may be doing it properly, or just annoying people with a number sign in front of some random word that’s supposed to get me more followers or something.

I’m following 134 Tweeters, and I have 45 following me. I think that’s a pretty good ratio for a wannabe author who only joined a month ago. Or I could just be a loser. That’s what I think while creeping Twitter profiles with thousands of followers.

My blog is pitiful, with only 5 followers who I madly appreciate (thank you!). When I tracked a view from Russia I almost did a touchdown dance. Yeah, I’m definitely a loser. And yes, I embrace it. I love technology, when I can understand it (I’m a MAC girl and PC’s just make me cry). I kick ass at almost any video game, even if I’ve never played it before. I can set up a home theatre without instructions. So, why the hell can’t I get my head around this platform thing? I’m trying here, I really am. I tweet as much as I can without being annoying. People don’t need to know what I ate today or what the fuck color I’m wearing. I try to post a blog every Friday (yes, today’s Thursday).  I annoy FB friends and ask them to follow me on this platform adventure. If I’m bothering people this much, what I have to say better be worth it. I sure hope it is, because one day I want to annoy many more with my novel. People are going to love or hate Candyflip; books on drugs usually have that effect. All I’m looking for is one of those emotions, some kind of reaction.

All is not lost on this platform game. I’m starring Twitter favorites like crazy about writing blogs and writing advice. There’s probably an easier way to save them for later reading, but like I mentioned earlier I’m working out the kinks with all this social media stuff. This week I learned how to sharpen my hook (not a Pirate’s) at At, there’s great information on closing lines. I even had a chuckle with @Quotes4Writers tweet, “Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.” Khalid Hosseini (Born 1965) Novleist. How do you even write anything after that brilliance? Total tweet of the week!


  1. On behalf of social media users everywhere, we greatly appreciate your effort in NOT facebooking, tweeting and blogging about pointless dribble- we thank you!

  2. I think dribble is okay as long as it's amusing.

  3. I Completely understand...You tend to feel dumb and then Twitter has nerve to insult you if you go past the character count by saying you have to be more clever.. As if I don't feel like a bad writer!